Using technology to help
college athletes get paid.

FanPay's dual mission is to help college athletes get
paid more fairly and earn a college degree.

FanPay provides a proactive, winning solution.

College sports programs make more money each year than the NFL and NBA. Over 100 college coaches earn $1 million or more per year. The only group who doesn't get paid is the college athletes themselves. What's more, far too many do not graduate.

The NCAA is under fire. It's a big problem, and FanPay provides a solution. The FanPay platform enables you to contribute funds to the athletes and teams you love. And because athletes can only get their money after earning their degree, you motivate student athletes to graduate college.

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FanPay will launch in Fall, 2014. This is your opportunity to interact with the site free of charge with play money and to provide us with feedback. See something missing? See something that can be improved? Let us know at

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